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Nonprofit Resources Spotlight

Versatile Solutions Group - IT Solutions you can count on!

Located in Palo Alto, Versatile Solutions Group provides IT support to Nonprofit Organizations in the Bay Area. VSG is committed to giving back to the community and therefore provides Nonprofits up to 50% off their commercial labor rate (based on your total annual revenue). I have personally worked with the company and they are fantastic!

For more information, contact Larry Lam at 408-390-0722.


The Greater Good Architects Approach...

Unique solutions for unique clients - We recognize that each agency is unique in its culture, constituents, and capacity; therefore we create custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Long-term results - We focus on facilitating sustainability and vitality in the nonprofits we serve, creating solutions that serve the agency in the long haul, not just quick fixes.

Transparency - We will be clear and direct in our work, creating well-defined deliverables and communicating openly with you.

Global perspective - No matter the project, we always bring the big picture into our work, understanding the greater need of the agency and the impact of each element of the project.

Spring Cleaning
Clean your office and clear your mind

Ever walk into your office and wonder where your desk is?  You are not alone.  Most people don't have enough room to actually work on their desks.
However, having a clear desk helps unclutter your mind and makes the time spent at your work station more productive. A good test is to survey your desk and assess how much desk surface you can actually see.

Clear your desk of all your “to do” piles, files and everything else but the essentials (computer, telephone, pen and notepad). All else should find a new home in close by shelves or drawers, including staplers, hole-punches, toys, rolodexes, and snacks.

Actually file your files, and become diligent about recycling paper files you don't need. Much of your information is probably in electronic files or in databases, which should all be backed up. So, make sure you are keeping only the files you need and will use! Those files from five years ago that you might just use someday... yep those ones, toss 'em. If you haven't used them yet, chances are high that you never will.

Once you have done your purging, create the habit of cleaning your desk (or other surfaces) when you are done with your work for the day. Done regularly, you will find it easy to keep up and will enjoy walking into your office to get to work! You might also create a schedule for that deeper purging, like once a quarter, twice a year, whatever works for you.

Clean your office and desk and let the creativity and productivity flow!

Resource for this article:
Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston